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Dating Dov Epstein

Chloe Price
Chloe Price, The Wildcard

Chloe Price, The Wildcard

Gender: Female   Female
Marital Status: Married to Dov Epstein
Occupation: Police Officer
Affiliation: Metropolitan Police Service
Rank: Rookie
DivisionEpaulette No.
Portrayed by:Priscilla Faia
 ● First Appearance: 4.02 Homecoming

Chloe Price 15 Division’s newest rookie is a wildcard—a little crazy, a little quirky—but she gets away with it because she also happens to be Staff Sergeant Frank Best’s goddaughter.

To further complicate her arrival, she already has romantic history with one of the officers at 15 Division when she walks in the door. Chloe will find it difficult to navigate her way through the season with these weights holding her back. But she’s out to impress and earn the respect of her fellow officers this season, which will prove much harder than she first anticipated, even with her charming, eclectic ways. She is dating Dov Epstein. She was also married, which we find out in the season 4 finale. In the series final Dov and Chloe got back together and she caught the bouquet from Andy and Sam's wedding and looked at dove and kissed him and in the future they eventually got married.

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Fearless about expressing herself. She's comfortable with her quirks..

Spontaneous; adapts to new situations easily.

Infectiously cheerful, perky, and chipper. Good attitude.

Funny and sweet.


Very chatty, constantly running her mouth, and has a hard time keeping stuff to herself. Her reckless and candid babbling sometimes gets her into trouble with her coworkers.

Emotional. Always follows her heart, even if that means getting into sticky situations (like kissing her ex-husband).

Lacks a sense of boundaries when it comes to other people, and can't always take a hint. Breaks social rules.

Impatient and impulsive.


Chloe's Secret

She was shot by a sniper.

While in the hospital, Wes wouldn't allow the doctors to perform a life saving surgery because he was afraid of the risks.

People sometimes think she's crazy; an adorable freak but also a ticking time bomb.

She was secretly still married while dating Dov.

She left ten voice-mails in two days for Dov after they slept together.