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Fresh Paint
Rookie Blue
Episode No.   Season
1 1x01 One
Original Broadcast Date June 24, 2010
  February 27, 2011 Flag of United Kingdom
  September 12, 2010 Flag of Australia
Writer(s) Tassie Cameron
Director David Wellington
Chronological Information
Next Mercury Retrograde

Triumph turns to humiliation when a high-stakes take-down of a suspect goes awry. Andy McNally has made a critical rookie mistake, ruining a long-running undercover drug sting, and tries to make up for it by going face to face with a volatile gunman who already has one man's blood on his hands.


Missy Peregrym as Andy McNally
Gregory Smith as Dov Epstein
Enuka Okuma as Traci Nash
Travis Milne as Chris Diaz
Eric Johnson as Det. Luke Callaghan
Charlotte Sullivan as Gail Peck
Matt Gordon as Oliver Shaw
Noam Jenkins as Det. Jerry Barber
Jake Michaels as Shaw and Sister
Aidan Devine as Staff Sgt. Boyko
Spocket Ladies as Uniqua

Guest Stars[]

Co-Starring / Featuring[]

  • Drew Davis as Leo
  • Bill MacDonald as Inspector Bill Peck
  • Tulsi Balram as Tabby Barnes
  • Billy Otis as Pedro
  • Jacob Ewaniuk as Joe
  • Scott Yaphe as Hugh
  • Alice Poon as Paramedic Caroline
  • Peter Graham as Bartender
  • Amanda Soha as Faye Bentz
  • Anthony Ulc as Officer Andrews
  • Toya Alexis as Mother
  • Riele West Downs as Little Girl
  • Kim Roberts as Anita Nash
  • Bruce Tubbe as Jay
  • Adam MacDonald as Steve Peck
  • Kris Ryan as Officer #1
  • Pete Zedlacher as SIU Officer

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