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Gail Peck
Gail Peck, The Peck

Gail Peck, The Peck

Gender: Female   Female
Born: November
Marital Status: MARRIED. KYLE. GIBBS
Occupation: Police Officer
Affiliation: Metropolitan Police Service
Rank: Police Constable
DivisionEpaulette No.
Portrayed by:Charlotte Sullivan
 ● First Appearance: Fresh Paint

Gail appears cold and isolated from the rest of the rookies, but she put up a cruel demeanor due to pressure from her family expectations “Pecktations”. At first, the other rookies assumed that Gail was going to use her connections in the force to climb the career ladder, however, Gail just wants to be a police officer.


Back Story[]

Being born into a decorated family of officers has a steep price tag; and it makes fitting in and gaining acceptance from your fellow rookies a daunting task. Underneath her caustic exterior, Gail is very sensitive and uses sarcasm as a defense mechanism. The moment someone calls her out on her shit, Gail vulnerability shows, and the only person who senses that, at first, is fellow rookie Chris Diaz. Chris and Gail begin a secret relationship, which later gets discovered by his roommate, Dov Epstein. However, that is short-lived due to Dov falling for Gail. Chris ended things with Gail because “she let Dov in”, which he couldn't forgive. The 15 Division got a new recruit, name Nick Collins, an ex-military guy and also Gail’s ex-fiancé. Nick and Gail gives it another shot until he unexpectedly went undercover for 6 months with McNally. Nick started to fall for Andy McNally after the undercover job. Nick's feelings for Andy causes Gail to act out in jealousy and sleep with Jacob Blackstone, who was the detective over the undercover op that Nick and Andy were on together. It didn't work she just felt worse when Nick accidentally finds out. Nor long after the breakup, Nick pursued McNally, and begin a secret relationship. On a call, Nash’s first solo job as a detective, Gail and Andy were partnered together. Andy, recked with guilt, tried to tell Gail about her relationship with Nick but couldn't. Gail was hurt and had to be rushed to the hospital, where Gail told Andy that she knew about them and that she doesn't give her blessing, Gail asked Andy to leave. When Gail was discharge turned to her friend Holly for support. She is currently dating Holly Stewart, a forensic pathologist. Holly seems to understand Gail unlike anyone else; she can equal Gail with her sarcasm and one-liners. Furthermore Holly doesn’t back away when Gail pushes people away. Unfortunately Holly had to move away, but they probably got back together after season 6. As of Season 5, she is attempting to adopt a little girl, Sophie, whose mother died in one of Gail's cases.

  • No-nonsense. She's a realist who sees things in black and white.
  • Connected. Descended from a long line of cop royalty with "peckspectations"
  • Ambitious. She's determined to be the best she can be.
  • Is fluent in ASL.
  • Fluent in sarcasm.
  • Suspicious. Has trouble trusting people.
  • Lonely. But she hides it pretty well.
  • Ambitious.

Gail's Secret

  • The Chief of Police is her godfather.
  • She wants to be a part of the friend group but knows that they don't like her particularly because of her connections.
  • She‘s good with kids