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Jerry Barber
Gender: Male   Male
Born: 1973
Died: Season 3, Episode 9 - 2012
Marital Status: Divorced and formerly engaged (Traci Nash)
Occupation: Police Officer
Affiliation: Metropolitan Police Service
Rank: Detective
Title: Special Lieutenant
Portrayed by:Noam Jenkins
 ● First Appearance: Fresh Paint
 ● Last Appearance: Out of Time

Back Story[]

Sexy smooth talking Detective Barber took his work easy, but was a passionate and caring police officer who died having vigorous parties, dedicated to the job and his colleagues. He hung out with the other officers down at the Black Penny and seemed to lead a relatively happy life. Unfortunately however, he was just coming out of a seemingly nasty divorce, and right into a relationship with single mother Officer Traci Nash. He proposed to her early on, however the relationship was short lived. Detective Barber was fatally stabbed while attempting to question a suspect relating to the abduction of Officer Gail Peck. He later died at the hospital.


  • Easy going guy- He has a lot of friends within the division.
  • Smart- Jerry is very good at getting the job done.
  • Romantic - As an anniversary gift, he gave his girlfriend Officer Nash a knife (which was symbolic of their first date) and on it he engraved "Marry Me." She said yes. Despite it looking creepy,Crazy and threatening.
  • Generous - Jerry liked giving gifts to people his last gift was to Sam Swarek who he gave a pocketwatch engraved with "To The Good Times".
  • Passionate- He always puts his heart into whatever he is doing.
  • Immature- He still just trying to float on through life.
  • Overly Protective- Does not know where to draw the line between cautious and overbearing.
  • Passionate/Spontaneous- Sometimes in the heat of the moment he says things without meaning them, landing him in trouble.
  • Warped- he thought it would be romantic to give Tracy a knife to propose to Tracy with the words marry me eventhough it was very threatening.

/Jerry's Secret/

  • He had an affair while he was married to his ex.which is why it's a complete wonder Tracy still loved him.

status: deceased


Died in Season 3 Episode 9 due to a stab wound in the abdomen. His last heroic deed was after being stabbed in the home of the cab driver who abducted Officer Peck, he placed the cell phone that he never learned to work properly in the pocket of the cab driver so it could be tracked with GPS. He saved Peck's life even though it cost him his.