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Marlo Cruz   Service Record    
Marlo Cruz
Marlo Cruz, The Veteran

Marlo Cruz, The Veteran

Gender: Female   Female
Occupation: Police Officer
Affiliation: Metropolitan Police Service
Rank: Senior Officer
DivisionEpaulette No.
Portrayed by:Rachael Ancheril
 ● First Appearance: Surprises

Marlo Cruz is a new Senior Officer who found no trouble making her new home at 15 Division. Ex-Swat, with nine years experience on the job, Marlo is no rookie. She’s smart, witty, and private, with an uncomplicated view towards life and relationships.


Marlo’s been at Division 15 for three months when Nick and Andy return—bringing loads of unwanted drama with them. Her relationship with Swarek causes herself and Andy butt heads at first. Their different approaches to the job and to life in general contributes to their rocky relationship. But Marlo isn’t as straightforward as she seems—she’s got a secret, she's bipolar. When Andy finds out, Andy is sworn to secrecy as no one, not even Swarek knows. Marlo also has an unhealthy obsession with Kevin Ford after a predator case is closed, when she believes he is responsible even though it's been proven multiple times that he's innocent. Resulting in her driving him insane by sheer accident Andy and Sam also get involved in this. After Marlo breaks into Ford's house and leaves her fingerprints, Andy has to lie in Marlo's records! When Kevin Ford constructs a hit-list with officers from 15 Division on it, he begins to pick them off. They rush to Marlo's house to check her safety, but Marlo left for her sisters. Then, in her basement, Nick Collins finds a study into Kevin Ford constructed by Marlo, including confidential records. After an investigation into her, and how she can cope with being an officer and bipolar, she is given a job as a detective, whom Dov works for in season 6.

Marlo's Secret[]

  • She is bipolar.
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