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Nick Collins is a main character in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth seasons of the ABC police drama Rookie Blue. He is an officer at the 15 Division of the Metropolitan Police Service. He is portrayed by Peter Mooney.


Nick Collins joins the Rookie Blue cast in Season 3 the day Andy McNally's suspension is ended. He is known as the 15 Divisions newest rookie. He is known to have "old" history with Gail Peck, he used to be Gail's old flame. Later, during the season you find out that Nick and Gail were going to get married until Nick backed out at the last minute. Nick has served three tours in Afghanistan, helping his country only to come back and be transferred as a rookie to 15 Division.


Nick's parents died in a car crash by a drunk driver, with his brother and he in the back seat. But it turns out that his brother, Finn, was the one driving, and it was Finn's fault that they crashed. Finn was paralyzed in the accident, and disappeared from Nick's life for about 18 years.


Nick has always known that he has wanted to help people when he grew up. He's a quick learner, but stubborn at the same time. He would give up his life to protect others.

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  • Nick takes his coffee with two milks and one and a half sugar.