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Gregory Smith was born in Canada at the 6th of July 1983 and has accomplished a lot at the age of 27. Gregory Smith has starred in 25 feature films including The Patriot oppposite Mel Gibson in 2000 and the Heath Ledger and Closing the Ring in 2007 directed by Richard Attenborough which premiere in 2007 toronto film festival and in 1998 he starred along side Kirsten Dunst and produced by Steven Spielberg and in 2005 he starred in Nearing Grace along side Jordana Brewster and David Morse which opened at tthe L.A Film Festival and at 2004 he starred at a film called Book of Love about a young man that gets in between his high

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school history teacher and his wife this film also starred Frances O'Connor and Bryce Dallas Howard and premiered at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival and as a addition he has starred in over 100 episodes of televison most notably as the protagonist in the WB's hit series "Everwood" which aired 4 seasons.

He also accomplished producer and photographer and he also developed a comedy for Sony Screen Gems which starred Kenan Thompson, Zachary Levi and Fran Kranz and a entrepreneur he co- founded U.Net . In 2009 he starred in Reginald Harkema's Leslie and My name is Evil.

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