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Steve Peck
Steve Peck

Steve Peck

Gender: Male   Male
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Detective
Affiliation: Metropolitan Police Service
Rank: Detective
15- Guns and Gangs
Portrayed by:Adam MacDonald
 ● First Appearance: Fresh Paint

Back StoryEdit

Dating Traci

Steve is a corrupt detective with Guns and Gangs. He also happens to be Gail's older brother, therefore making him the son of Superintendent Elaine Peck and Inspector Bill Peck.

In the first series he appeared twice. In 'Fresh Paint' he helped Gail out of her handcuff's by using the spare set of keys he had during the Rookie's hazing.

His second appearance was in 'Honor Roll' when Andy and Chris were investigating his partner Bibby after a night club assault.

He appears again in the fourth season.

His re-appearance occurs during 'Skeletons' when a young woman goes missing and the case ends up being a copy cat of Ross Perick; the same man who killed Jerry and abducted his sister Gail.

He also appears in, 'Friday the 13th' and 'For Better, For Worse.'

Unlike Gail he seems to be rather relaxed. When Traci and himself are driving with Noelle he constantly chats about different places to go, one of the most interesting is when he hid out in Montreal for two weeks after a break up, he gained ten pounds because all he did was drink beer and eat croissants, since they were the only thing you could order in French.

Him and Traci attended the wedding together and spent he night at the dessert table. Traci has hinted to Gail that she like's him.

It was mentioned by Frank in passing conversation that during Gail's abduction that Steve was in deep cover.

Then on Season 6 episode 8 he got arrested for being a corrupt cop and for blowing up the evidence locker.and for nearly murdering officer Andy McNally in the process.

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