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Traci Nash   Service Record    
Traci Nash
Traci Nash, The Loyalist

Traci Nash, The Loyalist

Alias: Trace
Gender: Female   Female
Born: 1987
Marital Status: Previously engaged to Jerry Barber
Occupation: Police Officer
Affiliation: Metropolitan Police Service
Rank: Detective Sergeant, Head of Guns & Gangs
DivisionEpaulette No.
Portrayed by:Enuka Okuma
 ● First Appearance: Fresh Paint

Traci Nash

A single mom with a six-year-old son, Traci prides herself on her independence. She is Andy’s best friend from the academy and just like Andy, she is smart and hard-working. Yet the persona Traci projects – one of authority and composure – is much different from how she actually feels. Behind the confidence and brashness hides a deep well of uncertainty.

Back Story[]

Meet Traci Nash, Andy’s best friend from childhood. The calm in the eye of the storm and the consummate confidant, Traci is the anchor for her fellow rookies at 15 Division. Traci reads people in a heartbeat, she suspects everyone who breathes, and she doesn’t have the patience for politics or subtleties. She’s also the only one of the five who didn’t go to college—but her street smarts almost make up for her lack of education. And she's got a weakness for Detective Jerry Barber. She met him at the Academy, and their affair was going strong- until it became something serious. Jerry proposes to Traci by giving her a shiv with Marry Me inscribed on it, symbolic of the first gift he gave her. She accepts after some convincing, but the celebration is short. Days later, he is killed while trying to save an abducted officer, Gail Peck. Traci’s hard-won life experience and her straight-forward approach to policing are going to make her a successful rookie officer: it seems like she's got it all figured out. If only people knew...

  • A pragmatist. She has more life experience than the rest of her rookie friends put together.
  • Level-headed. She's got a built-in instinct of how to handle herself on the beat.
  • Able to juggle two very demanding roles.
  • Impatient. She's got no time for complainers.
  • Scathing. She's got a pretty sharp tongue.

Traci's Secret

  • Traci has a son, Leo, who she had when she was 17 (but it's not secret) with Dex.
  • She had a long, long relationship with one of her co-workers: Jerry Barber. They were engaged.
  • was Dating Gail Peck's brother, Steve Peck.
  • In season 3 she became a detective
  • In Season 6 is promoted to Detective Sgt and the new head of Gun and Gangs